UK visa application Kenya - Kenya eVisa for British citizens

By Dominika

October 2, 2023

UK visa application Kenya – Kenya eVisa

Citizens of the United Kingdom are required to obtain a Kenyan visa before leaving for Kenya. If they fail to obey the Kenyan visa policy, they will not be allowed to enter the country. To apply for a visa, they may schedule a visit at the nearest Embassy or complete the application online.

The Kenyan eVisa is an electronic visa easily obtainable online. British citizens may proceed with the online visa application process to obtain the essential visa for Kenya problem-free. The procedure consists of three easy steps that can be completed in less than 20 minutes.

Currently, there are three main types of the Kenyan eVisa. Depending on the activities you would like to pursue abroad, you should apply for a Tourist Visa, a Business Visa, or a Transit Visa. For travel extended to Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda, you may obtain a special East Africa Tourist Visa.

Before starting the visa application procedure, it is highly recommended to make sure you meet the current Kenya visa requirements. The documents you should provide in the registration form will vary depending on the visa type you wish to obtain.

While both the Tourist Visa and the Business Visa remain valid for 90 days, the Transit Visa validity period is only 72 hours (3 days). Make sure to apply for a suitable visa.

Do British passport holders need a visa for Kenya?

British passport holders are obliged to obtain a Kenyan visa if they wish to enter Kenya. Regardless of the purpose of their visit – tourism, business, education, or employment – they need to have a valid visa to cross the Kenyan borders. As for now, they are eligible for both the standard visa and the online visa.

The eVisa for Kenya may be issued for purposes of tourism, leisure, and business. For travel related to other activities, such as enrolling in university or taking up paid employment, you need a standard visa. The online visa cannot be used as a work permit.

How to apply for a Kenyan eVisa online?

To apply online for the Kenyan eVisa, you need to prepare a working electronic device of your choice. It may be a laptop, a table, or a smartphone. Remember to check if the Internet connection is stable.

For a successful Kenyan eVisa application, it is recommended to follow these simple steps:

  • Fill in the visa application form with the most important personal data
  • Submit the required documents in electronic format (PDF, PNG, JPG)
  • Cover the processing fee using the selected online payment method

Once the Kenyan visa has been approved, you will receive a confirmation notice to your e-mail address. Print out your online visa, as on arrival, customs officers accept paper copies of documents only.

What documents are required for a Kenyan eVisa?

Before you apply for a visa online, you should collect all the required documentation. Keep in mind that depending on the visa type you wish to obtain, the application requirements may vary significantly.

Kenya Tourist eVisa

  • Copy of the passport’s bio-data page
  • Copy of the applicant’s face photograph
  • Hotel reservation
  • Return ticket

Kenya Business eVisa

  • Copy of the passport’s bio-data page (from the applicant)
  • Copy of the passport’s bio-data page (from the representative)
  • Copy of the applicant’s face photograph
  • Company registration certificate
  • Staff ID of the company representative
  • Kenyan ID of the company representative

Kenya Transit eVisa

  • Copy of the passport’s bio-data page
  • Copy of the applicant’s face photograph
  • Hotel reservation
  • Onward ticket

NOTE: If you do not provide all the required documentation, the Kenyan visa application process will fail.

What are the Kenya visa types available for British citizens?

Depending on the activities you plan on pursuing once you visit Kenya, you should apply for a suitable Kenyan visa type. Remember that once you have completed the application process, the selected type of your visa cannot be changed.

  • Kenya Tourist eVisa – meeting friends and family, enjoying relaxation, taking part in guided tours
  • Kenya Business eVisa – participating in training, attending conferences, negotiating contracts
  • Kenya Transit eVisa – traveling through Kenyan territory to another destination

NOTE: None of the visa types for Kenya available online allow you to take up employment. In order to perform paid work abroad, you need to obtain a work permit.

How long is the Kenyan eVisa processing time?

The average processing time of the electronic Kenyan eVisa is a few business days. Naturally, the waiting time may be prolonged in some cases. However, as soon as your visa is approved, it will be delivered to your e-mail address immediately.

What is the Kenyan eVisa validity period?

The validity period of the Kenyan Tourist eVisa and Business eVisa is 90 days. During this time, you can enter the country once and spend there up to 3 months. However, the Kenyan Transit eVisa is a short-term visa issued only for 3 days (72 hours).


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