Turkey Visa from Bahrain Online

By Julia

June 20, 2023

Turkey Visa from Bahrain

Turkey visa from Bahrain can be easily obtained online since 2013 when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey implemented the facilitation to boost tourism in Turkey.

Applying for a Turkish electronic visa involves several straightforward steps: a Bahraini traveler completes a short form, covers the fees, and downloads the approved Turkey e-Visa from the email address.

The Turkey e-Visa application process takes only a few minutes and is entirely online. Attending an embassy in person is not required. Bahraini citizens just need their passport, a working device, and an active email address to apply.

Turkish electronic visa for Bahraini citizens is issued as a single-entry visa with a 180-day validity period. The permitted period of stay is 30 days.

It is essential to apply for a Turkey online visa in advance of your trip to ensure the processing will be completed before the time you arrive in the country.

Do Bahraini citizens need a visa when entering Turkey?

Bahraini nationals are required to have a Turkey visa to enter Turkey.

Turkish authorities offer Turkish visas depending upon the travelers’ purposes.

Bahrain citizens who visit Turkey for tourist and business activities can apply for a Turkey visa online.

For any other type of visit, including studies or employment in Turkey, a regular visa obtained at the Turkish embassy or the consulate in person is mandatory.

How to apply for a Turkey visa from Bahrain?

Bahraini citizens are able to apply for a Turkey online visa from anywhere. The Turkey e-Visa application process can be completed within several minutes.

Follow this simple application guide to apply for an electronic visa to Turkey without any issues:

  • Provide the requested information in the application form and attach the passport.
  • Cover the Turkey tourist visa fee using one of the available payment methods.
  • Check the inbox. Once the processing of the application is completed, the approved Turkey visa will be delivered to the applicant’s inbox.

Please make sure to apply in advance so that your Turkey visa application will be approved before you arrive in Turkey.

How much is the Turkish e-Visa for Bahrain citizens?

Turkey visa for Bahraini citizens costs 129 Euro. The payment can be easily made online. Applicants can use their debit/credit card or PayPal account.

The payment methods available on our website are secured, so customers do not have to worry about their money.

Processing time for a Turkey e-Visa from Bahrain

Most Bahraini applicants get their Turkey visa approved within several days. However, it is advisable to be prepared for more extended processing time – it may depend on many factors.

To maximize the chances of quick approval, Bahraini citizens must thoroughly check their Turkey visa application for mistakes – it must be complete and error-free.

Moreover, it is recommended to check the email address regularly. Customer support specialists may request additional information or documents, so a speedy reply may help to process the application faster.

Permitted stay

Bahrain citizens with a Turkey tourist visa obtained online can enter the country once during the validity period.

Turkey eVisa remains valid for 180 days from the date of issue. Bahraini nationals can stay in Turkey under the Turkish online visa for up to 30 days.

Turkey online visa requirements for Bahraini citizens

Check what is required to obtain a Turkey visa online and ensure you meet the criteria.

Required documents

Bahrain citizens do not have to prepare many documents in order to apply for a Turkey visa. All they need is a valid international passport.

Applicant’s passport must remain effective for a minimum of 6 months from arrival in Turkey.

It is necessary to attach a photo of the bio-data page of the Turkish passport. The image must be of relatively good quality to keep the data clear.

Other requirements

Turkey e-Visa application also requires Bahraini citizens to satisfy the following additional requirements:

  • a working device is necessary – a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC;
  • internet connection – WiFi/mobile internet/hardwired internet;
  • the ability to pay online and sufficient funds;
  • a valid email address.

Requirements on arrival

In order to enter Turkey without any issues, Bahraini citizens must prepare their valid international passport and a paper copy of the Turkish e-Visa to present to Turkish customs officials.

Transit information

Transiting is when a traveler is traveling to Turkey only with the aim of passing to their next destination.

If a transit passenger from Bahrain stays within the Turkish airport transit zone, they are not required to obtain a Turkey visa.

Otherwise, when going through immigration control, a valid visa to Turkey is necessary.

Bahrain citizens can easily apply for a Turkey visa online. It is best to apply in advance to ensure a seamless journey to Turkey and the next travel destination.

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