Tanzania Visa for Nigeria

By Aleksandra

June 15, 2023

Tanzania Visa for Nigeria

Tanzania visa is an essential document that must be obtained by Nigerian citizens who want to travel to Tanzania. There are several options when it comes to getting a visa to Tanzania: electronic, traditional at the embassy, or on arrival. Nigerian citizens must apply at the embassy or consulate, as they are not eligible for a visa on arrival or eVisa.

All the documents, such as a valid passport, must be submitted during the visa application process. Firstly, check all the information and contact the nearest embassy. You must meet the Tanzania visa requirements to enter the country without trouble.

Besides, there are many categories of the Tanzania visa. Travelers may choose ordinary (single-entry), multiple-entry, business, transit, student, or gratis visas. The first one can be used for tourism, sightseeing, leisure, or family visits.

Do Nigerian passport holders need a visa to enter Tanzania?

Yes, Nigerians must have a visa if they plan to go to Tanzania. Without this permit, they won’t be able to cross the border, so an application at the nearest embassy or consulate is necessary. Before, they need to check all the requirements and read the necessary information. Then, it is recommended to contact the embassy, prepare documents, and make an appointment. After the interview and approval, you can receive your visa.

What are the Tanzanian visa types?

We can distinguish many types of Tanzania visa according to purpose (study, work, gratis, etc.), number of entries (single or multiple), or way of applying. Below, you can read more information about the methods of getting a Tanzania tourist visa.

Tanzanian Electronic Visa

As for now, the online visa to Tanzania is not available for Nigerians. However, it is a perfect choice for eligible travelers who don’t want to waste their time and effort, as no visit to the embassy or consulate is needed. The application process is very fast and intuitive. Only three steps are necessary: completing the form, covering the fee, and waiting for approval. Then, you can receive your permit via email.

Tanzania Visa on Arrival

Citizens of Nigeria must apply for a visa in advance at the nearest embassy or consulate. A visa on arrival that can be obtained after entry to the country is unavailable for Nigerians.

Traditional Tanzania Visa

Nigerians can apply for a traditional Tanzania tourist visa at the embassy or consulate before travel. The approved visa is a must-have to visit the country. Note that this method of application requires a face-to-face visit to the office and waiting in line.

Firstly, contact the embassy, prepare the documents, and make an appointment. Secondly, go to the interview and submit the documents, such as a valid passport. Thirdly, wait for approval and receive your visa.

What documents are required to get a Tanzania visa as a Nigerian?

Tanzania visa requirements depend on the visa type. Check the conditions below.

Ordinary Visa (single-entry)

It can be used for tourism-related purposes, such as sightseeing, visiting friends/family, holidays, etc. To apply, you must have the following:

  • a passport that won’t expire within 6 months and its copy
  • a flight ticket
  • a completed visa form
  • a fee payment proof.


It is valid for 12 months and is designed for various reasons. Below are the documents that must be prepared to obtain it:

  • a valid passport (for at least 6 months)
  • a cover letter with the reasons why you want to visit the country
  • a marriage certificate (if necessary)
  • a return ticket
  • proof of payment.

Business Visa

A business visa is perfect for those who want to visit Tanzania for dealings, conferences, meetings, investments, etc. Before you apply, you need to have:

  • a copy of the passport
  • proof of payment
  • a return ticket
  • a work contract (or other document).

Transit Visa

A transit visa is needed when you are transiting through Tanzania and want to leave the transit zone. You must prepare the following:

  • a flight ticket
  • proof of payment
  • a copy of a valid passport.

Student Visa

If you want to visit Tanzania for educational purposes, you must obtain a student visa and prepare the following:

  • proof of payment
  • a letter from an educational institution (e.g., a university)
  • a valid passport for at least 6 months.

Gratis Visa

This visa type is designed for diplomats and official passport holders who have a mission in Tanzania. It can be treated as a single or multiple-entry permit.

How can Nigerian citizens apply for a Tanzanian visa?

Tanzania visa application system is quite simple. There are only a few steps that must be followed:

  • Complete the visa application form and prepare the necessary documents.
  • Contact with the embassy and make an appointment.
  • Cover the visa fee and submit documents.
  • Wait for the approval and obtain a visa.
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