Tajikistan Visa for Afghanistan citizens

By Julia

June 19, 2023

Tajikistan Visa for Afghanistan

A Tajikistan visa for Afghanistan citizens is mandatory for entering Tajikistan. Currently, Afghans can apply for a Tajikistan visa at the embassy or consulate.

However, if an Afghanistan national holds a second passport eligible for a Tajik e-Visa, they can use a facilitated application method.

The e-Visa to Tajikistan can be obtained online via several simple steps: an applicant fills out the form, completes payment, and gets the approved visa at the email address.

Tajik electronic visa serves tourism, business, and transit purposes. Its holders can travel to Tajikistan to go on vacation, explore the country, visit relatives and friends, handle business, and transit.

The e-Visa to Tajikistan allows travelers to visit Tajikistan one or numerous times, according to the visa type chosen. The validity period is 90 days, and the maximum permitted stay is 60 days.

Note: in order to enter the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO), a traveler must additionally obtain a special entry permit.

Do Afghan citizens need a visa to enter Tajikistan?

Afghan citizens with diplomatic passports can enter Tajikistan without a visa, however, all other Afghans need to obtain a valid visa to Tajikistan.

Without a Tajikistan visa, a traveler from Afghanistan can be entry-denied, fined, or deported.

Tajikistan visa application from Afghanistan

The Tajikistan regular visa requires attending an embassy in person. An Afghan applicant needs to schedule an appointment, make a visit, and have a visa interview with a consular officer.

The application process for a Tajik e-Visa is straightforward and does not take much time. To apply online, one needs to take their working device connected to the internet and follow the Tajik tourist visa application instruction:

  1. Complete the application form. It is necessary to provide passport and travel details, as well as upload the required documents.
  2. Pay the fees using any of the available online payment methods Рdebit/credit card or PayPal.
  3. Check the email address. The approved Tajikistan e-Visa will be delivered directly to the applicant’s inbox. The approval will arrive as a PDF document which should then be printed out.

It is extremely important to thoroughly check the information provided in the Tajik electronic visa form.

Important: every child must have a separate Tajikistan visa. The application for minors may be completed by the child’s parent or legal guardian.

Tajikistan tourist visa processing time

Tajikistan online visa processing usually takes a few days. Still, the processing time can be prolonged if there is a large volume of applications or if an applicant completes the application incorrectly.

Errors, mistakes, and irrelevant or incomplete details may cause delays in processing or even visa refusal. Therefore, before submitting the form, an applicant must ensure the application is error-free.

The processing of a regular visa to Tajikistan usually takes a more extended period of time.

Permitted stay with a Tajikistan visa for Afghan citizens

The electronic visa to Tajikistan stays valid for 90 days (3 months) from the issue date. During this period, Afghan travelers can enter the country once or numerous times, depending on the Tajik e-Visa type chosen.

The stay permitted for one visit cannot exceed 60 days (2 months). The Tajikistan e-Visa cannot be extended, and a traveler is not allowed to overstay the permitted period – they may be fined or deported.

Tajik visa requirements for Afghans

Discover the Tajikistan visa requirements for Afghanistan citizens to prepare everything for a smooth application process.

Required documents

The online application for a Tajikistan visa requires an Afghan applicant to provide such documents:

  • a passport – must remain effective for a minimum of 6 months from the planned arrival in Tajikistan
  • an invitation letter from a Tajikistan company – is only requested for business trips

The documents must be uploaded in digital form by scanning or taking photos using a phone’s camera/web camera.

Take into account: for a regular Tajik visa application, more documents may be necessary. Contact the nearest Tajikistan embassy or consulate for more information.

Other requirements

Moreover, to apply online, Afghan citizens must have:

  • a smartphone/laptop/tablet/PC
  • stable internet connection
  • an active email address
  • the ability to use online payment methods

Requirements on arrival

After arrival in the Republic of Tajikistan, it is necessary to present a valid passport and an approved Tajikistan visa.

Immigration officers will check the documents and decide if you can enter the country.

Transit information

If the only purpose of a traveler’s trip to Tajikistan is transit, and they are not going to leave the transit zone at the airport, it is not mandatory to obtain a Tajik visa.

If you do not want to put limits on yourself – it is recommended to obtain a visa to Tajikistan. This way, you can go sightseeing or just rest at the hotel. Apply for a Tajikistan visa to get the ability to leave the transit area.

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