Sri Lanka Visa Fees for Indian Citizens - Apply for Sri Lanka ETA

By Dominika

June 14, 2023

Sri Lanka Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

Sri Lanka is a popular destination for travelers from India, with thousands of tourists visiting the country every year.

Remember that getting a suitable visa prior to the trip should be a very important step in your travel preparation. This article will provide you with the most valuable information on the Sri Lankan ETA application, current visa requirements, and the visa fees that should be covered.

Should Indian citizens apply for Sri Lankan ETA?

All Indian citizens that would like to visit Sri Lanka for tourism, business, or transit must apply for the online visa – Sri Lankan ETA. It is possible to conduct the application process electronically and collect the approved visa on arrival or to request a visa in person once you have entered Sri Lanka.

If you plan long-term travel to Sri Lanka, it may be essential to schedule a visit at the nearest Embassy. There, you can participate in the application process and request a visa for purposes of employment, education, and residence. The immigration officer will guide you through the procedure.

What is the Sri Lanka ETA?

The Sri Lanka ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a type of Sri Lanka Tourist Visa that may be easily obtained online. It is required from every foreign traveler that would like to visit the country for purposes of tourism, business, or transit.

The Sri Lankan authorities launched the ETA program in 2012 in order to facilitate travel for visitors from all around the world. One of the major goals of the project was also to encourage more tourists to visit the country.

Currently, there are three different types of Sri Lankan ETA available – they differ in the guaranteed time period you can spend abroad and the granted number of entries to Sri Lanka. They also allow you to pursue different activities.

The Sri Lanka visa application can be conducted online and it is effortless. All you need to do is fill in the registration form with relevant information and make the payment for the fee. An approved Sri Lankan ETA will be sent to you via e-mail.

What are the types of Sri Lanka visas?

During the Sri Lankan ETA application process, you may choose one of three available visa types. Select the most suitable one and complete the registration.

  • Tourist ETA – the Sri Lanka Tourist Visa allows you to visit the country once (valid 180 days) or twice (valid 30 days). Meet with relatives and take part in cultural events.
  • Business ETA – permits you to enter Sri Lanka twice (valid 30 days) as long as you plan to participate in professional conferences, conclude contracts, or conduct negotiations.
  • Transit ETA – a Transit Visa is required in case of transiting through Sri Lanka to another destination. It remains valid for 48 hours from your arrival in the country.

What is the ETA processing fee?

Once you have completed the application form for the Sri Lankan ETA, you will be asked to make the payment for the ETA service fee. The price that should be covered depends on the type of visa you have applied for.

  • Tourist ETA – double-entry – 99 EUR
  • Tourist ETA – single-entry – 129 EUR
  • Business ETA – double-entry – 99 EUR
  • Transit ETA – single-entry – 79 EUR

You can cover the visa fee using one of many available methods of online payment. Usually, customers choose a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. When your application is paid for, the visa request will be sent for further processing.

Which documents are required for the Sri Lanka ETA application?

In order to proceed with the Sri Lanka visa online registration, you only need a passport. Keep in mind, however, that the document must remain effective for at least 6 months from the planned date of your travel.

Moreover, once you have arrived in Sri Lanka, you must present the essential documents to the immigration officers. They will ask you for your approved Electronic Travel Authorization and a valid passport. It must be the same passport you have used for the application.

How to apply online for the Sri Lanka ETA?

To proceed with the Sri Lanka visa application, you need a working electronic device with a good Internet connection. This way, the registration process should be hassle-free.

In order to apply for the Sri Lankan ETA, follow these three easy steps:

  • Fill in the ETA application form
  • Cover the visa fee payment
  • Print out your visa approval

Please remember that the ETA approval sent to your e-mail address is not a visa. You need to print out the notice and request the Sri Lanka visa on arrival to the country. The immigration officers will also ask for your passport to verify your identity.

How long is the average waiting time for the Sri Lankan ETA?

The online application for the Sri Lankan ETA is uncomplicated and effortless – it should not take more than 15 minutes of your free time. What is more, it can be completed from the comfort of your home.

Keep in mind the average waiting time for visa approval is around a few working days. The decision regarding your application is made at the discretion of the Sri Lankan Government and, in some cases, may be prolonged.

What are the benefits of the Sri Lankan ETA online application?

Indian citizens may enjoy multiple benefits of the electronic application for the Sri Lankan ETA:

  • Convenience: Remote registration saves time that would otherwise be spent at the Embassy. Moreover, you can complete the ETA application from the comfort of your home.
  • Speed: The online application process is fast and hassle-free. The entire procedure can be completed within 15 minutes. In just a few clicks, you will have your visa.
  • Security: The Sri Lankan ETA online application system is safe and secure. All the data you provide in the form is encrypted and safely stored during processing.


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