Visa Run

Visa Run

Visa Run

A visa run is a general term for travelers who have frequent trips to a country. It is also known as a border run and usually applies to digital nomad and expat circles.

When using a visa run, travelers can stay in the country long-term without violating the visa policy of that country. Visitors can use any country for a border run. Still, the most popular destinations are those near the country where a traveler wishes to stay for longer.

What is a visa run?

A border or visa run means a procedure when a visitor intends to stay in a country for more extended periods of time than their original visa permits.

In some cases, a visa run is used when a person is just re-crossing the country’s borders without the need to spend time in another country.

Otherwise, the entry rules of some destinations require that a traveler not only cross another country’s territory but also stay there for a specific period of time. Only after that it is allowed to come back. The mandatory time period varies depending on the country.

How does a visa run function?

The visa run service is completely legal if it meets the country’s entry requirements. When you go out of the country, an immigration officer checks and stamps your passport. You then will get one more stamp when crossing the borders of the next country.

Once you return to the country of your initial stay, your passport will be stamped with a date of arrival. Therefore, you will be able to remain in the country for another allowed period of stay.

Who can do a visa run?

In order to find out whether you can enjoy a visa run in your destination country, you should examine the visa requirement of that country first. Some countries have limits on the number of visas an individual can have consecutively which makes it complicated to use a border run.

The length of required stay out of the country differs based on a destination: some countries allow to re-enter immediately, while others demand a traveler to stay in another country for a certain minimum time period.

How to do a visa run?

Provided that your destination country allows a visa run, you won’t likely face any problems: the procedure itself is straightforward and requires only a little research beforehand.

Check the travel rules of the country: whether it requires a visitor visa, how long the permitted stay is, and for which period you must out of the country in order to re-enter.

You must leave the country while your visa is valid: do not overstay it. Whether you are flying to a neighboring country, or using sea or land to cross the border, make certain that the entry port is legal and you get all the required stamps from immigration officers.

When re-entering the country, you may need a new visa on arrival. Remember that most countries prohibit foreigners from engaging in working activities unless they hold a work or immigrant visa.