Georgia visa for Filipino

By Julia

September 4, 2023

Georgia visa for Filipino

A Georgia visa for Filipino citizens is now more accessible than ever since it is available entirely online. Georgian government implemented the e-Visa system in 2015 to to make the visa procedures more simplified and to attract travelers from abroad. 

Philippine nationals can apply online for a multiple-entry Georgia e-Visa that remains effective for 120 days and enables them to have numerous 30-day visits to Georgia. 

To be eligible, travelers must prepare the required documentation, a working device with internet access, an email account, and means of online payment.

The online application process for a Georgia electronic visa is speedy and straightforward. The steps to apply include completing a short form, uploading the supporting documents, and paying the fees.  

The approval will come as a PDF document to the applicant’s email address that was specified in the application form. Filipinos should print out their Georgia e-Visa and bring it to the border point together with other obligatory entry documents.   

How to apply for a Georgia visa from the Philippines

Filipinos are able to apply for a Georgia visa online without much effort. The application process for a Georgia e-Visa can be completed even from home (or any other site with internet access). 

Follow this instruction for a seamless application:

  1. Provide the requested data in the form. You may need to enter your name, surname, birth date, nationality, travel dates, contact details, and other information.
  2. Upload the mandatory documents. Thoroughly examine the requirements and prepare the necessary documents.
  3. Make the payment. It is possible to cover the fees online via one of the presented payment methods.

While waiting for approval, check your inbox regularly. A valid Georgian electronic visa will be delivered directly to your email address. You will receive a letter with a PDF document that you should print out.

Georgia e-Visa requirements for Philippine nationals

Required documents

The following documents must be attached to the Georgia e-Visa in digital form:

  • the applicant’s passport (must stay effective for at least 6 months from entry and contain a minimum of 3 blank pages)  
  • the applicant’s face photo (must be recent and front-facing)
  • booked accommodation details  

Citizens of the Philippines can use a scanner or a smartphone/other device with a camera to make digital copies. The pictures must be clear and show all four corners of the documents.

Additional requirements

In addition to the necessary documents for the Geprgia electronic visa, Filipino citizens must also have:

  • a device, such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or personal computer
  • internet connection (mobile, hardwired, or Wi-Fi)
  • a valid email address
  • the ability to complete the payments online

Requirements on arrival

At the entry port in Georgia, immigration officers may require you to present the documents below:

  • a valid Philippine passport
  • an active Georgian e-Visa
  • a return/onward ticket
  • proof of booked accommodation 
  • evidence of sufficient financial means
  • insurance (recommended)  

Validity period

The validity period of a Georgian visa for Philippine nationals is 120 days (4 months) from the issue. The Georgia e-Visa is a multiple-entry permit, which means that Filipinos are free to enter Georgia as many times as they want in a span of 120 days of validity period.

Each stay cannot last more than 30 days. To return to the country, the e-Visa holder must stay out of Georgia for a few days and then enter the country again for a new 30-day period.  

Processing time and fees

Processing time

A Georgia e-Visa for Philippine passport holders is usually approved within a week of applying. The exact processing time depends on the situation and differs for each application. 

Delays may occur if there are many applications waiting for processing, additional weekends during national holidays, technical difficulties, or errors in the details provided in the form.

To minimize the risk of problems regarding your application, make sure to apply in advance and double-check the provided information so there are no incomplete boxes or mistakes. 

Georgia e-Visa fees

The electronic visa to Georgia for Filipino nationals costs 99 Euro. The fees can be covered in several ways: by using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Sofort/Klarna, or other online payment methods.

Once your payment is approved, you will get a confirmation code via mail that you can share with our customer support specialists to get details about the progress of your application.

Advantages of the Georgia online visa application

  • The application process is entirely online and remote 
  • The form can be completed within a few minutes
  • No consular interview is required
  • Electronic visas are usually approved faster than regular visas
  • The approved Georgia visa is delivered straight to the inbox
  • Applicants can reach out to our support team in case of any questions or issues 
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