Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to apply for an e-Visa?

The application for an e-Visa is a very straightforward and intuitive process. Regardless of the selected destination, you will always need to follow three simple steps involving filing out a short online form, paying the service fee, and receiving the approved e-Visa via email. Going through the process is not time-consuming as it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete it. What’s most important, there is no need to book embassy appointments, attend nerve-wracking interviews and fill out piles of paperwork.

What are the requirements to obtain a visa online?

The requirements that applicants eligible for an e-Visa must meet were reduced to the minimum and are very standard ones. Most often, the only document required to complete the online application is a valid passport with at least 6-month validity and the applicant’s face photo. Sometimes, particular countries’ governments may also require to submit a few additional documents, e.g., proof of onward travel or sufficient fund for the entire stay in a given country.

How long it takes to get a visa online?

The processing time for your e-Visa may vary and depends on the selected travel destination. Moreover, you should be aware that every application is processed individually, and it is at the total discretion of the given country’s government whether it will be approved or not. Most often, our applicants can expect to receive the visa approval within a few hours up to several days. Choose a destination of your interest and check the exact time that you should wait for your online visa to be processed.

How will I receive an e-Visa?

Once your e-Visa is successfully processed, a confirmation email with a PDF file will be sent to your email inbox. Depending on the country you visit, you may need to carry either a physical or digital copy of your visa. If your travel destination requires showing a printed copy of your e-Visa, make sure to prepare it beforehand to enter the country without any issues.

How can I cover the fee for my e-Visa?

You don’t need to worry about the way how to cover the e-Visa fee. Choose from many available options, including the most popular means of online payment. Cover the service fee with the most convenient option for you: credit/debit card, SOFORT, PayPal, and many more.

Do I receive an invoice for my e-Visa?

Yes, you do! Just remember to tick the appropriate box when covering your visa application fee. Once we register the payment, you will receive the confirmation email with an invoice delivered directly to your email address.

What should I do if I make a mistake when applying for a visa online?

You should always double-check all the information you entered in the online application form. Nevertheless, sometimes it may happen that you make a mistake. Any misspelling, typo, or incorrect information may, however, result in extending the processing time or even your application being denied. Should you make any mistake and your visa application was already submitted, please contact our support team as soon as possible. Our visa experts will try to make the necessary corrections charge-free to ensure that your application is processed successfully.

What should I do if my visa application was denied?

Every application is always carefully verified by our consultants before they send it further to the government. It is aimed at maximizing the chances for immediate e-Visa approval. Nevertheless, there is always a tiny percentage of denied applications for different reasons. Should your application be rejected, you can always request your money reimbursement. Please refer to our Terms of Service to better understand the circumstances when the money can be reimbursed.

How to contact us?

Our e-Visa experts are at your service throughout the entire process of your application. Should you have any questions or encounter some problems, you may always contact them by phone, contact form, or email.

What do I need to apply for a visa?

Visa requirements and documents needed are dependent on the country of visit and your passport. You can easily check both, using the

travel requirements checker