Do you need a new photo to renew a passport?

By Dominika

March 15, 2023

Do you need a new photo to renew a passport?

Are you looking to travel overseas soon? Before heading out on an international adventure, it is important to make sure your passport is up-to-date.

If your current passport photo needs renewal, don’t worry! We have all the information and tips you need to ensure that the perfect picture will be included in your application process. From matters of researching restrictions on clothing and hairstyles to finding a professional photographer or taking a photo at home, you will find all the answers in the article below.

Can I use the same photo to renew my passport?

You can use the same photo to renew your passport on one condition only – providing you apply for the replacement within 6 months from the day you have taken the photo. Then, the photograph may be reused for a situation where your passport has been lost, stolen, or damaged.

You cannot use an old biometric photo while applying for a passport renewal since the picture remains valid only for half a year from the moment you have taken it. An old photo will not comply with the passport requirements.

If you wish to apply for a new passport, it is essential to have a valid photo that reflects your current appearance. You may take it yourself at home or use the services of a professional photographer.

Do I need a new photo to update my passport?


There are some circumstances in which you must update your old travel permit. Applying for a new passport may be essential if your appearance has changed significantly from the current photo. As long as you may still be easily identified from your passport photo, there is no need to submit a new image.

You will be required to apply for a passport renewal if you have:

  • undergone significant facial surgery
  • undergone weight loss or weight gain
  • added or removed facial piercings or tattoos


For children under the age of 16, a passport will be issued for a duration of 5 years (while the document for adults remains valid for 10 years). Therefore, if the appearance of your child has changed naturally due to the aging process, there is no need to renew their passport.

Can I take a photo on my phone to renew my passport?

If you would like to apply for a new passport, you need to prepare two documents – your ID card as well as a valid biometric photo.

Since the passport is an official document, it is highly recommended to have the passport photo taken by a photographer in a professional studio. This way, you will ensure your picture is correctly cropped and has high resolution. You can also ask the photographer to provide you with both printed and digital versions of your picture.

If you prefer to take the passport photo yourself, you can do it at home using your mobile phone. It would be a good idea to ask someone for help (a relative or a friend) so that you can submit a legible, clear image. Blurred photos of low quality will not be accepted for the document.

How to take a good passport photo?

During the passport application, you will be asked to provide your current passport photo. Taking a picture may seem simple, but there are a few rules and requirements that relate to the composition and measurements of the image.

An ideal passport photo should be taken in color on a plain, off-white background. It must present the applicant’s full face, facing front and looking directly at the camera. The traveler must remain with a neutral facial expression. It is also allowed to pose with a soft smile, but you must keep your mouth closed and eyes open.

You should not wear any head covering while applying for a passport (unless it is a headpiece worn daily for religious reasons). You also cannot pose with glasses as they may reflect light and distort your face in the photo. The only exception is if you possess supporting documents signed by your doctor.

It is also recommended to put on some more formal clothes in neutral colors. Avoid vibrant shades and colorful patterns. It would also be best not to wear jewelry in your passport photo.

What is the best way to renew an old passport?

The best way to apply for a new passport is to visit the official passport office. Depending on your country of origin, you may need to fill in the registration form beforehand and submit the file personally. Sometimes it is possible to apply for your passport online.

Before proceeding with the registration for the new passport, remember to prepare the required documentation. It is essential to have your ID card and take a new passport photo so your appearance on the document will be up-to-date.

When it is approved, an issued document will be sent to you by post, or you will be asked to collect it from the office in person.

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