Bahrain Visa for US Citizens

By Julia

March 22, 2023

Bahrain Visa for US Citizens

US citizens willing to come to Bahrain must obtain a Bahrain visa. The eVisa to Bahrain was implemented in 2014 by the Bahrain government to simplify the visa application process.

The online visa to Bahrain can be used as a business or tourist visa. It is available in three types: a single-entry visa for 30 days, a multiple-entry visa for 90 days, and a multiple-entry visa for one year.

To apply, US passport holders should complete a simple online form, attach the required documents, and make the payment. Then the issued Bahrain visa will be sent directly to the email address specified in the form.

On arrival, US nationals only have to show their valid passport – the eVisa to Bahrain will be digitally attached to your document.

Do US citizens need a visa for Bahrain?

As US nationals do not have visa-free access to Bahrain, they need a valid Bahrain visa if they want to visit Bahrain. It’s recommended that travelers get their visas before coming to Bahrain in order to speed up the immigration process.

To travel to Bahrain, US citizens need to get an electronic visa to Bahrain. It can be easily obtained through an online application.

Types of Bahrain online visas available for US passport holders

Citizens of the United States can apply for three types of Bahrain eVisa:

  1. A single-entry visa that allows one visit into the country for up to 14 days;
  2. A multiple-entry visa permitting numerous visits 30 days each;
  3. A multiple-entry visa for an unlimited number of 90-day stays.

Validity period

The Bahrain visa validity period is the time during which you are allowed to enter the country.

Even though the validity period varies between different Bahrain visa types, all of them require their holders to cross the border of the Kingdom of Bahrain within 30 days of receiving the visa.

The first type allows US citizens to enter the country one time during the 30-day validity period. The second type makes it possible to have numerous entries within 90 days, while the third type stays valid for 12 months/one year and also permits many entries.

Permitted stay in Bahrain for US citizens

The permitted duration of stay with a Bahrain eVisa for American citizens depends on the visa type selected in the application form.

A single-entry electronic visa to Bahrain enables its holders to stay in the country for up to 14 days. A multiple-entry visa for 90 days allows numerous stays in Bahrain, each of which cannot exceed 30 days. A multiple-entry visa for Bahrain for one year permits US nationals to stay for up to 90 days for each entry.

Bahrain eVisa requirements for American citizens

While citizens of some countries need additional documents, US nationals are required to provide only two necessary documents:

  1. the digital photo of your passport bio-data page:
    • your passport must stay valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Bahrain
    • the photo must be clear and contain the full machine-readable code
  2. the digital photo of the return/onward ticket.

On arrival, it is necessary to have your valid passport – it will be electronically connected with a Bahrain eVisa. Still, we advise you to make a printout or save the PDF document with an electronic visa to Bahrain on your gadget just in case.

Applying for the Bahrain eVisa from the USA

American nationals can apply online for a Bahrain eVisa within a few clicks from home – you don’t have to go to the office and have a visa interview.

The process is straightforward and actually speedy. You just have to follow these steps to ensure everything goes problem-free:

  1. Choose the Bahrain visa type.
  2. Fill out the application form by entering your personal, passport, and travel information.
  3. Check the provided data so that there are no left blanks or mistakes in the form.
  4. Attach the necessary documents.
  5. Cover the fees using any available online payment method.
  6. Wait for the result. The approved online visa will be delivered to your email address as a PDF document.

Bahrain visa fees for US passport holders

The price of the Bahrain eVisa is determined by the visa type selected:

  • 69 Euro is the cost for a single 14-day stay
  • 109 Euro must be paid for a 30-day visit with the opportunity to enter the country multiple times
  • 249 Euro is charged for a multiple-entry permit entitling to have an unlimited number of 90-day stays within one year from the visa issuance date.

Processing time for Bahrain eVisa from India

The processing time of a Bahrain visa may depend on many factors, including the correctness of the application and the time of submission.

Usually, it doesn’t take more than a few days, but make sure to avoid delays by thoroughly checking your application for mistakes, errors, and incomplete or irrelevant information.

Check your email regularly to stay in touch with us in case there are additional information or document needed.

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